Access the entire iOS filesystem with iDOS without a jailbreak

Remember iDOS that was released earlier today? It was pulled 4~ hours later (according to @snazzyq). It turns out that, as this is an emulator, you can access whatever file on your filesystem whether or not you’re jailbroken. If you happen to have a copy of iDOS, you can run the below commands to access whatever file or directory you’d like. NOW, this isn’t of very much use, as you can’t copy or remove files/directories, but YOU CAN copy files from the filesystem over to iDOS’ Documents folder. In other words, you can read, but you can’t write.

Run the following commands in iDOS to mount the root directory as a virtual drive “D”, change directories to it, and then list everything in the root directory:

  1. mount d /
  2. D:
  3. dir

You’ve now listed everything from root without being jailbroken. You can use the “copy” command to copy files from wherever you’d like on over to the Documents directory (virtual drive C) of iDOS. Run help for info on how to use other commands. You can’t remove anything. You only get read access, not write access.

Thanks to @joshvg for testing this out on his unjailbroken iPhone 4!