Best Action Camera for Motorcycle [Guide]

best action camera for motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle can lead to some of the most liberating and memorable experiences in our lives. But sometimes, it becomes pretty challenging to film exciting and heart-racing moments when you’re on a motorcycle.

There are plenty of action cameras available for purchase, but sometimes the initial investment can be a bit pricey, making you miss out on the perfect one for your needs. 

We help you make the best decision when buying an action camera for your motorcycle trips. Nowadays, there are so many different cameras and prices on the action camera market that we researched to list the best action camera for motorcycles.

The types of motorcycle cameras

There are indeed plenty of action cameras that record in 4k and have so many different features that it can be hard to decide what exactly you need. So we have decided to list the types of motorcycle cameras used by riders:

On-body motorcycle camera

The camera is mounted on your forehead or your helmet, located toward the front. It’s usually used by riders who want to film their rides or want first-person action footage. These cameras are tiny and lightweight, making them easy to install most of the time.  

Some helmets even come with their helmet camera mounts for maximum convenience. Chest mounts are mainly used to record your ride from a POV (Point Of View) perspective.

On-bike motorcycle camera

This camera is placed on the motorcycle’s frame, usually above the number plate and in front of the bike’s exhaust pipe. It records all the road and riding experiences from your point of view. 

These action camera features a ball-and-base style mounting that sticks or screws onto the bike, although some are also available with a “clamp” style base. The most common mounting areas are front fairings, frame trellises, tanks, and rear fairings.  

This type of camera has the benefit of hassle-free recording. However, if you don’t have a dual-camera or 360 system, you will risk missing out on some footage due to the fixed filming area. 

Motorcycle Safety Cameras

Motorcycle riders prioritize safety above all else, no matter where they ride or what they ride. Motorcycle “safety” camera systems have been launched to assist them in this endeavor. These cameras can alert riders when there is a danger of collision.  

The camera systems are often incorporated into the bike’s electronic control unit, directly affecting bike function. In addition to loop recording, GPS tracking, and in-app functionality, many motorcycle camera safety models will allow you to view the footage while on the go.

Motorcycle Action Cameras 

In recent years, motorcycle action cameras have become increasingly popular. Modern motorcycle cameras are waterproof, dustproof, dirtproof, and even impact resistant. The most extreme temperatures are no match for some motorcycle action cameras.

Best Action Camera for Motorcycle

1. AKASO Action Camera

This is a reasonably priced action camera that works well in most situations. It has a view angle of up to 170-degree, which is more than enough for recording your ride with excellent quality.

The camera is waterproof up to 30 meters, and it can be used with all sorts of accessories, one of which are the bike mounts. 

The image quality is impressive with ultra HD 4K 24fps & 2K 30fps video recording and 20MP resolution, especially during the day if you have the proper settings adjusted.

This camera is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, and it can be connected to an HDMI cable or a mobile device with the appropriate interface.  

This camera has a built-in smart gyroscope that can be used to capture smooth and stable videos while riding your bike. The camera is also equipped with Electronic Image stabilization which you can turn off manually if you’re not satisfied with the results. 

It has a 2.0-inch IPS screen for better playback, and the quality of the video recorded is also high. There are also accessories such as a bicycle clip mount, helmet strap mount, remote control, bicycle handlebar mount, and others included in the package.  

You can use this camera for anything you might want to record on your trip or adventure! This product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty from AKASO.


  • Smart Gyroscope for Anti-shaking
  • Comes with rechargeable batteries and accessories
  • Solid waterproof camera
  • 4k Ultra HD Video Recording


  • No lens protector
  • No user manual
  • Image quality not as good as advertised
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2. GoPro MAX 

The GoPro cameras have always stood out due to their quality, especially when filming in high-definition.

They are equipped with an array of sensors, and with their software, you can get very cool pictures that can make the road trip more enjoyable. It also has a tripod attachment which lets you create some amazing video footage and take fantastic photos. 

GoPro has improved its 360-degree action camera with better image stabilization and increased battery life. It can be used for various activities related to sports, such as diving, water skiing, surfing, biking, and more.  

GoPro has improved their software, so now you can live stream your adventures instantly, which gives you even more fun. You can use this camera for the following activities: skiing, snowboarding, cycling, surfing, scuba diving, biking, and more!  

The GoPro Max can be mounted on your bike in many ways, which is excellent if you are into filming your road trips.

The dual-camera design used by GoPro is quite functional when it comes to first-person recording footage while riding the motorcycle, and helmet mounts are included in the package. 

The camera is waterproof without needing a particular case or additional protection. It’s waterproof, really is incredible, and you don’t need to worry about dropping it in the water or dragging it around with you.

It’s rugged enough to keep carrying it around whenever you go out on a trip while it’s still protected from the elements. 

This GoPro is compatible with different headsets and can perform voice control. With a smartphone and the app, you can set camera functions and recording mode. The camera can auto-record with your voice commands while riding or occupied. 


  • Three cameras in one
  • 360-degree photos and video capturing capability
  • Live streaming in 1080p
  • Premium 360 plus Stereo Audio


  • The videos don’t play after downloading
  • The GoPro application is also buggy
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3. AKASO V50 Pro

AKASO V50 Pro is an action camera with a good quality fixed lens and is one of the best among similar action cameras available in the market.

This camera can cover a wide viewing angle up to 170-degree angle and has an intelligent stabilization system, which helps you stabilize the video and comes with an Electronic Image stabilization feature.  

The camera allows you to capture stunning photography in all kinds of situations. This camera can be used to record different activities like surfing, snowboarding, and various other sports available around us. You can record your road trip videos in HD with this camera, giving you great pleasure.

The gyroscope is integral to most action cameras and provides camera stability and smooth video recording.

AKASO V50 Pro offers a 6-Axis gyroscope system that works very well in even harsh conditions. The camera comes with a 4k/30 fps HD video recording capability and a 20MP image sensor that gives you high-quality pictures and video. 

You can get amazing videos while riding your bike or doing any activity with this camera which will be remembered for years to come. This camera features an ultra-clear front lens that captures clean images without any distortion. 

AKASO V50 Pro allows you to connect with an HDTV and be used as an HD monitor. You can also transfer your media files quickly to your smartphone via the Wi-Fi feature.

This camera also comes with an HDMI output which enables you to connect your camera with an LCD or projector to enjoy videos on a bigger screen.  

The camera comes with a remote control which can be used for controlling the camera’s different modes and shooting options in fun ways, instead of handling the buttons in an awkward position or by shaking off or adjusting the position of your phone while taking selfies on a motorcycle. 


  • Electronic Image Stabilization
  • Free Valuable Accessories
  • Support External Microphone
  • Built-In 2 Inch IPS Touch Screen


  • Poor video quality in low light
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4. Dragon Touch Action Camera

Dragon Touch is a high-resolution action camera with excellent build quality and features an anti-shake feature for recording video with smooth and stable results. The camera has a 170-degree wide-angle lens which allows you to capture your surrounding environment.  

The built-in sensors work very well under all weather conditions so that the recording of videos remains smooth. The camera records high resolutions of 4k/30 fps HD videos and has 16MP photo quality. This affordable action camera is waterproof, so they’re hard to break or damage while you’re riding on your motorcycle around the road trip. 

Even if you get caught in the rain, you won’t have to worry about your camera getting wet. It comes with a waterproof case which protects the camera from water and accidents.

Also, it has a waterproof remote control that allows you to use a smartphone screen to monitor your recording and adjust it accordingly. 

This action camera can be operated with just one touch of a button. It has simple and advanced modes that allow you to shoot different types of videos at ease. You can also change between modes very quickly using the buttons on the side of the camera case too. 

When it comes to connectivity, you will find the Dragon Touch Action Camera has it all. The camera is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. The Dragon Touch Action Camera can also connect to a laptop or computer via an HDMI cable, making transferring files to a computer very easy.  


  • Wireless Remote Control Wristband
  • Multi-functions 4K Action Camera
  • Waterproof camera up to 30m (100ft)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi Connection 


  • 4K bitrate is only around 10Mbps
  • Customer service is disappointing
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5. GoPro HERO8

GoPro HERO 8 is an all-rounder as it can be used for different activities. This is one of the best action camera manufacturers and is popular among action camera users. GoPro HERO 8 allows shooting in 4k, 2.7K, and 1080p at 60 fps, giving you excellent video quality even when shooting fast movement. 

This camera has a 12 MP resolution that records videos in 4k/30 fps HD and a wide-angle lens with 170 degrees horizontal field of view. Adopts GP1 high-sensitivity microphone reduces wind noise to achieve a better audio experience. 

Record in any condition with the camera’s waterproof case, so no matter how challenging your outdoor adventure may be, it will stay safe. GoPro Hero black has a slo-mo recording function that can record 240 frames per second (fps). This gives you great slow-mo scenes that are very easy to edit. 

This action camera supports Wi-Fi connectivity and can connect to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

The GoPro App allows you to control the camera remotely and use it via an integrated Wi-Fi Remote controller. You can also preview your recordings on a smartphone screen using the HDMI output feature of the GoPro HERO Black Edition only. 

HERO8 offers three levels of video and image stabilization features to remove the shakiness from your videos and photos. Intelligent capture also works to detect moments and takes photos automatically.  


  • Live streaming In 1080p
  • Voice Control
  • Rugged And Waterproof
  • Three Levels Of Stabilization
  • Night Lapse Video 


  • No extra battery as advertised
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6. GoPro MAX

GoPro makes some of the best action cameras on the market, and GoPro Max is one of the best action cameras with a touchscreen display.

The clear 2-inch touchscreen display makes it easy to operate and gives you straightforward access to all your settings, such as the camera resolution, frame rate, metering mode, etc. 

The high-quality camera has an excellent build quality for its price and provides excellent video quality during daytime and nighttime. It features a 16.6 MP image sensor that allows you to take clear images at night.  

Thanks to its wind noise reduction feature, the audio quality is also excellent, enabling you to record high-quality videos under any weather conditions with optimal audio recording capability. 

This camera can offer live 1080p streaming to your smart device. This allows you to view your videos and photos on a smartphone or tablet, which is very useful when you are out of the country. Another cool feature of this camera is that it supports voice control which allows you to control the camera just by speaking quickly. 

HyperSmooth Stabilization feature makes your videos shake-free even when riding on a moving vehicle or going up a steep hill. The camera can also be operated with just one touch of a button to change the modes between photo and video.  


  • Game-changing horizon leveling
  • 270 degrees distortion-free panoramic photos 
  • Premium 360 + Stereo Audio
  • Three Cameras in One


  • Trouble connecting to the GoPro app
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7. Yolansin Action Cam

Yolansin is one of the best action camera for motorcycles. If you are looking for a budget GoPro alternative, check this action camera out. The camera supports 4K video and 20MP photos and comes with an affordable price tag and solid build quality, waterproof construction, and excellent video/photo quality.  

The camera has an anti-shake feature that makes the videos and photos shake-free. The camera is connected to your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi. In this way, you can use your phone as remote control (it works pretty well), making it easier to use the camera during recording sessions.  

The 3-axis stabilization gyro feature helps to control the camera shake. It is specifically designed to shake out the video and photo blur, providing smooth footage even when you are riding on a moving vehicle or going up a steep hill. It does reduce not only the video shake but also improves the photo clarity.

Yolansin action cam comes with a waterproof case that allows it to function up to a depth of 131 feet. This action camera has a 170-degree wide-angle lens designed to create better landscape shots and also helps to capture more objects in the photo.


  • 4K Ultra HD Action Camera
  • Waterproof Diving Camcorder
  • Wi-Fi Remote Control
  • Live Streaming Camera 
  • Full-color Images With An Anti-shake Function


  • Battery life is average
  • It doesn’t come with a carry case
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Things to consider when buying an action camera for a motorcycle

The following are some critical factors in choosing the best action camera for your motorcycle.

Picture quality

It would be best to make sure the camera has excellent picture quality. The best action camera for motorcycles should have a transparent lens to capture high-quality images even in low light conditions. 

Wi-Fi connectivity and remote control

The most modern motorcycle cameras will allow you to connect them to your smartphone or tablet device. The best action camera for a motorcycle should have Wi-Fi that will enable you to connect it to your phone or laptop with minimum effort. 

It also needs a remote control with features like voice commands and an auto-record function so you won’t have to keep touching it when riding.

Battery life

The best action camera for motorcycle use should last at least a couple of hours with a durable battery. It’s also essential that the camera be used while charging or in standby mode.

Build quality

This is a significant factor when choosing the best action camera for motorcycle because you want something that will last longer and won’t break easily. The most important things to look out for are water resistance features, shockproof aspects, and build quality.


Overall, any of the action cameras listed above is a good purchase if you are looking for a quality motorcycle camera. If you are looking for the most advanced and high-tech action camera, go with a GoPro Hero action camera. 

The GoPro is a popular choice when looking for the best action camera for motorcycle use. The GoPro HERO 8 is one of the best action cameras for motorcycles on the market because it comes with a touchscreen display, three levels of stabilization, voice control, live streaming in 1080p, and many more features as well. 

However, there are some other great action cameras for motorbikes you can choose from.

The Yolansin action cam is being highly praised by its users because of its excellent build quality and video quality. It allows you to connect it with your smartphone or tablet to use your phone as a remote control.

It offers 4K ultra HD video recording and supports live streaming. You can choose from any of these best budget action cameras for motorcycles.