9 Best Dash Camera for Semi Truck

best dash camera for semi truck

If there is one thing I am scared of, it is road incidents. Irrespective of whether the incident is major or minor, it makes me feel vulnerable, and not in a good way. 

I had to learn the hard way that if you do not have a reliable source as a backup in case any incident occurs with your vehicle on the road, there can be a lot of complications, and a blame game takes place. 

And let’s not forget that insurance companies do not make the situation easier without solid proof. And when you are looking for a reliable source to back you up, technology can be your best companion.

If you are facing the same issues and want a solid source to feel secure, I highly recommend getting a dashboard camera for your vehicle. You might have already noticed a combination of front and rear dash cameras installed in the cars today. These dash cams allow you to access the footage of everything happening around your car.

These devices are even more critical for trucks and semi trucks as these vehicles are large, and you do not get a direct viewing angle without extra help. You can easily mount the dashboard camera on the windscreen, and the device will start recording as soon as you turn on the engine.

The recorded footage is either stored in a built-in storage option or on an SD card. Some brands also offer river cloud storage to access files for a long time.

But how to find the best dash camera for semi truck? I have been using dash cameras for a couple of years and have tested various models. To make choosing the best dash camera for semi truck easier, I have compiled a list of recommendations for the best dash cameras for semi trucks that you can get your hands on. So without any further ado, let’s dive into the options.

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9 best dash cameras for semi trucks

1. Rove R2-4K Dash Cam

Firstly, I love the brand Rove for coming up with efficient mid-range dash cameras. Plus, even though they offer affordable dash cams, there is no compromise regarding hardware and software. The camera provides 4k resolution and has worked great during all the road trips I used it.

The Rove R2-4K offers a 150-degree field of view, which is sufficiently broad, in my opinion, and lets you see everything necessary. The license plates of the cars around you are visible clearly, and even if there is a lot of traffic, you will not face any particular issues.

The only minor observation is that when my car’s headlight falls directly on the car’s license plate behind me, the light reflection makes it slightly challenging to read. But it is entirely okay when I try viewing it after getting closer.

It allows loop recording; if your SD card is full, it will overwrite previous footage with the latest one. An in-built G sensor activates during a sudden collision, and the current video files lock. I find this feature extremely helpful in times of unfortunate accidents. The dash cam features time-lapse video recording and 24-hour motion detection. 

To give you an idea, if you park your car at a particular spot for the night and someone collides with your vehicle during that period, the G-sensor will activate. Then it will turn on the camera and immediately record 1-minute footage.

This footage is locked, and you will receive an alert when you enter your car the next day. Rove R2-4K also has built-in GPS functionality that keeps track of the location, speed, and route you are traveling on.

I have to give bonus points to this camera in terms of connectivity. It has Wi-Fi functionality and app support. Due to the Rove application, I can easily access the videos and watch them on my smartphone whenever I have the time. The mounting design is flexible, and you can set the camera at any preferred angle.


  • The recorded images and videos have good clarity.
  • Accurate GPS functionality to monitor the location.
  • The application is compatible with both IOS and Android.
  • It is effortless to mount and install the camera.
  • It is value for money.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi support.
  • Loop recording, built-in G Sensor, and 24-hours motion detector.


  • The user interface is a little tricky to navigate.
  • The SD card is not included with the camera.
  • The buttons feel way too tiny for big hands.
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2. WheelWitness HD Pro Mark II Premium Dash Cam

What do you usually notice while searching for the best dash camera for semi truck? The first thing you will notice about this particular dash cam is its stunning design. I am thrilled the brand updated the model because the new version looks sleek and much better overall.

The WheelWitness HD Pro Mark II is compatible with Android and IOS, making it easy for you to transfer your videos to your device effortlessly. You can even control the camera remotely.

The WheelWitness HD Pro Mark II uses a Sony IMX307 Starvis sensor, and I am very impressed with the picture quality. The night vision is equally great, all thanks to the Novatek processor. The dash cam features 1080p full HD video quality.

You can also use dual 1080p cameras; the GPS module is optional. I suggest upgrading to dual cameras to keep an eye on the situation around your vehicle. There are two windshield mounts- the suction cup and the sticky mount.

Overall, it is a decent performer at the available price, and you will not regret using it.


  • Superb video quality.
  • Easy to set up and install.
  • The recorded audio quality is sharp and clear.
  • Decent wide-angle view.


  • The SD card does not come with it.
  • The suction cup gets removed from the windshield sometimes during freezing weather.
  • The Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connection is not very stable.
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3. UltraDash 23 Commercial Edition

It is another great competitor to look out for if you want to find the best dash camera for semi truck. There is a standard variant of this model too, but I prefer the commercial one more for professional truck drivers.

The 140-degree wide-angle view is pretty decent, and even though you will find multiple models featuring a 150-degree wide-angle view, the reference is not highly noticeable in the results.

This variant features dual 1080p full HD cameras, and the image quality is excellent in daylight and night light. I even noticed there is no overexposure problem during low light conditions. Yet again, you have a built-in G sensor here, which activates on detecting sudden force, and clicks and protect the footage immediately.

There are extra features I appreciate the brand for including because it makes using the dash cam very convenient. For example, the dash cam has a magnetic charging mount, which makes it very easy to attach and remove the device. The brand offers you iQ software to play your videos free of cost. You can effortlessly edit the clips or upload them anywhere. 

Another feature that has been very convenient for me is the loop recording, where when your SD card is full, the new footage will overwrite the oldest footage. But if the SD card is full, and the G-sensor has captured the latest footage, the loop recording function will not overwrite the captured footage.

I highly recommend this dash cam as you get great features at an even better price.


  • Dual camera mode with fantastic video quality.
  • Magnetic GPS charging mount.
  • The GPS module is highly accurate.
  • The dash cam can capture excellent quality footage even in low light conditions.
  • Loop recording feature and built-in G-sensor.


  • The suction capacity of the mount could have been better.
  • There is no proper way to adjust the cameras vertically individually.
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4. Redtiger F7N-PLUS Dash Cam

It is one dash cam that is not high up on the popularity scale. Nonetheless, I feel it is equally worthy of competing for the best dash camera for semi truck title. Being one of the initial dash cameras from this brand, I did not have amazingly high expectations, to be honest. But it did surprise me to some extent.

The Redtiger F7N-PLUS offers 4k+1080p dual recording, and I am seriously impressed by the resolution. The quality of the footage looks great, and you can easily see the necessary details, like the number on the license plates. The 4k is for the front camera, but you get a slightly decreased resolution of around 1080p while using the rear camera.

But again, I am not complaining about the video quality, the as both the front and rear cameras have performed recently in this department. If there is one thing I wish the brand would have worked on more, it is the image quality in low light conditions.

A built-in GPS keeps track of your speed, driving route, location, and more. It also has Wi-Fi and intelligent app control, offering free applications compatible with both IOS and Android. You can also experience a non-buffered parking mode, but it needs a separate hardwire kit.

This camera does have a few issues, but it is not inefficient by any means and is worth a try.


  • Dual cameras with 4k video support on the front camera.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and intelligent app control. 
  • Decently accurate GPS module.
  • Built-in G-sensor to capture immediate footage of the collision.
  • Loop recording feature.
  • 24-hours parking monitor with time-lapse functionality.
  • Customer support is beneficial
  • 1-year warranty.


  • Micro-SD card is not included with the camera.
  • The applications included are not very useful.
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5. Ainavigo AR-212 4K Ultra HD 3-Channel Dash Cam

It is one exciting model, and I would love to introduce it. Firstly, you can use this dash cam with three resolutions. The first is 4k front and 2.5k rear dual cam mode, the second is 4k front and 1080p cabin, and the third is the 2.5k front, 2.5k rear, and 1080p cabin. So you are getting all-around protection for your vehicle.

The built-in GPS functionality is not exactly innovative, as you will find it in most other dash cams. The brand allows you to access the RoadCam app, making it extremely easy to access the footage on your smartphone.

The front and rear cameras are equipped with Sony sensors, and I can assure you the quality of the footage is pretty decent. The images captured in low-light conditions did not disappoint me either.

Another feature I adore is the 24/7 parking monitor, but it needs an extra hardwired kit. Then you have the loop recording feature to overwrite the older files when your Micro SD card is full. And there is the regular built-in G-sensor which starts recording automatically for 30 seconds whenever there is a sudden collision.

You can use up to 256 GB U3 speed micro SD card in the Ainavigo AR-212, and the installation process is pretty simple. And whenever I have tried reaching out to customer support, they have always been super helpful, and I did not face any significant issues.


  • Three different resolutions to try out according to different scenarios.
  • The night vision is decent.
  • The camera comes with a handy GPS module.
  • The suction cup works excellently during installation.
  • Loop recording feature and built-in G-sensor.


  • You can face connectivity issues at times.
  • The display screen could have been slightly more prominent.
  • The cords are somewhat bulky.
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6. Kingslim D5-4K Dash Cam

This best dash camera for semi truck is from a Chinese brand and was made available in the market sometime towards the end of 2021. I wish the brand would reveal the specifications of their processor and sensor, but unfortunately, they typically don’t.

Regarding the recording quality, the Kingslim D5-4K records 4k video at 30 frames per second. I will say that the footage quality is excellent during the daylight, but it still does not seem 4k-like. I will still recommend it nonetheless because it is good. However, I was not impressed by the footage during low light conditions, and some pictures looked a bit grainy.

The camera’s display screen is approximately 2 inches and has built-in GPS functionality and a G-sensor. The camera also offers a non-buffered parking mode after hardwiring it to your vehicle.

The loop recording feature is also available to overwrite old, unlocked videos automatically when your memory card is full. I love the build quality and the thin, red border around the lens, which gives it a unique look.

Overall, it is an above-average camera and works well for semi trucks. 


  • Good build quality and design.
  • 170-degrees wide angle lens.
  • Loop recording feature.
  • Built-in GPS and G-sensor.
  • The image quality is decent.
  • It does not offer any app support.


  • The camera does not include an SD card.
  • The menu is a little complicated and messy.
  • The adhesive on the clips is not excellent. 
  • The night vision footage looks somewhat grainy.
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7. COOAU D3 Dual Dash Cam

The first thing I must say about the COOAU D3 is that the sensors used in this dash camera are pretty promising. The front and the cabin cameras include Sony Exmor CMOS sensors and a Novatek processor.

The footage recorded by the front camera follows a 1080p resolution at 30fps. But like most dash cams, while the video footage during the daylight looks excellent, the video quality captured in low light conditions is average. The cabin camera includes 4 infrared lights, which are handy for recording at night. However, implementing these lights could have been better as you have to turn them on manually.

A minor factor that disappointed me regarding the footage captured in low-light conditions was that I could see a slight purple tint to the videos. It did not happen every time, but I saw it in more than a few videos.

Moving on, there is a 2 inches display screen to view the content, and the camera offers Wi-Fi and app support with multiple applications, which are compatible with both IOS and Android. The suction mount of the camera can swivel 360 degrees, giving you an overall view of whatever is going on around your vehicle.

Another thing I feel is essential to put out there is that there is no option to completely turn off the display screen. A screen saver option displays the time in speed, but that’s all. It is a decent camera available at this price range and works well for semi trucks.


  • It features dual cameras to keep an eye on the front and rear of your vehicle.
  • 170-degrees wide angle view.
  • Built-in GPS tracking and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Infrared night vision.
  • The build quality looks good and sturdy.
  • Seamless loop recording functionality and motion detection capability.
  • The camera supports a capacity of 256 GB.


  • The map of the driving route is not exactly accurate.
  • The quality of the suction mount cup is not very good.
  • The recording quality at night time is average.
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8. Pruveeo D90 3-Channel Dash Cam

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The Pruveeo D90 is one of those rare dash cams that record the vehicle’s front, back, and sides.  It is great to see brands coming up with innovative features nowadays when it comes to dash cameras, and this is one of those which I have used and would highly recommend.

It has a 170-degree wide-angle lens and a 3-inch LCD screen to view the footage. The G-sensor is super sensitive and can detect a collision efficiently to capture the critical moment. I love this dash cam because you can provide evidence capturing maximum angles in times of need, which will strengthen your case.

The footage looks decent in broad daylight and in low-light conditions. The sharpness reduced a little during nighttime, but that was expected. There are three cameras to offer you full HD, 1080p footage, and it has been built to tolerate temperatures high as 176 degrees Fahrenheit and as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

The time-lapse photography feature is decent, and I like that it comes with a loop recording feature to overwrite old footage when your memory card is full.

The camera is well equipped to think about power safety, and it turns off automatically after 5 seconds when there is no external power connection. The brand also offers 1-year product replacement warranty, which speaks volumes about the quality you are getting.


  • There are 3 1080p ultra HD cameras.
  • The 170-degree wide-angle lens covers everything you need to monitor.
  • The camera is compact the design is sleek.
  • Loop recording feature and G-sensor.
  • The camera is built to bear both high and low temperatures.


  • It takes some time to get used to all the features.
  • The quality of the suction cup is not that great.
  • It does not have a battery and instead comes with a messy cord.
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9. Chortau Dual Dash Cam

The Chortau dual dash cam is a favorite of many, including my maternal uncle. And it is eligible for the best dash camera for semi truck. This dash camera keeps an eye on the front and back of your vehicle resolution cameras and comes with two 1080p cameras, and the rear one is waterproof.

The recordings are of good quality, and you can view the license plates easily. The front camera has a 170-degree wide-angle lens, while the rear camera has a 130 degrees wide-angle lens.

The built-in G-sensor is highly sensitive and can detect any sudden impact or pollution whenever your vehicle faces it. The camera immediately captures the relevant footage, saves the file, and locks it. Due to the presence of a loop recording feature, the older footage gets overwritten whenever your memory card is full.

But when the G-sensor captures important footage, even the loop recording feature cannot overwrite it. It is effortless to install the dash camera, and you won’t even need the help of too many people. I have contacted their customer support several times and received nothing but support and assistance regarding the issue I was facing.

I feel it is a great and efficient dashcam to try out, and regarding the price point, it is available, and you get almost everything you need in a dash camera.


  • It is effortless to set up and install.
  • The night vision is pretty satisfactory.
  • The device includes two 1080p cameras.
  • Built-in G-sensor and loop recording feature.
  • The camera has been priced reasonably.
  • The customer service is remarkable.


  • The suction cup does not stay put when the weather is too hot and humid.
  • The camera does not come with an SD card.
  • You have to check the timer of the auto shutdown feature so that it does not turn down frequently.
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Where should a dash cam be placed on a truck?

Earlier, dash games were not very popular, and I could hardly see them being mounted on cars and trucks. But their popularity grew with time, and now every time I look around the vehicles on the street, I can see a front and a rear camera on almost every car.

But where exactly should you place or install a dash cam in trucks? Let us discuss this in the section of the article below.

The most common place to install a dash camera is on the truck’s windshield or any vehicle. It is true whether you choose a suction cup or double adhesive type. Whenever I do this job, I consider all the necessary factors before installing the camera.

Because once you do it, removing and repeating the process is complex. The trick is to ensure that while installing the dash cam, you have a clear view of the road ahead so that you can drive safely.

The exact spot I recommend to place your dash cam would be right in the center of the windshield, at an area slightly behind the rearview mirror. Want to know why I prefer that spot? It is because due to the presence of the rearview mirror there, the view is already blocked, and you do not have to worry about it.

I suggest taking the appropriate time to install the camera and not rushing the process. And always test it properly after installing it so that you are 100% sure that the angle is correct. Suppose the dash cam you are using offer app support. 

In that case, the installation process will be even more straightforward because the live footage will be available on your phone, and it will be easier to figure out the angle while mounting.

One trick I always follow is after placing the dash cam on the windshield, I sit on the driver’s seat to check its placement in my line of sight. I don’t need to be able to see it while driving necessarily, but I make sure it’s audible to me.

Since the position of the dash cam will determine how your footage will turn out, the ultimate decision of where to place it is in your hands. Try to experiment with different locations before mounting it permanently. The trick is to be comfortable and get the angle right, so the footage is captured clearly.

Do you remove dash cam when parked?

This answer depends on one primary factor- the presence or absence of the parking mode in the dash cam.

If you have parked your truck at a spot and your dash cam has a parking mode, continue recording even after you kill the engine. You must hardwire the dash cam to the vehicle in most cases to use the parking mode. If you have the parking mode in your dash cam, you can keep it in your car while parked, as it will monitor everything going on during this period.

Let us suppose your dash cam does not have a parking mode. In this case, I’ll recommend removing the dash cam from the vehicle when parked, as it can attract unwanted attention. And there is also the risk of your truck being broken into. The best idea is to remove the dash cam from the windscreen and place it in some discreet location instead.


Hopefully, you have a better idea now of how important it is to install a dash cam on your vehicle. I can vouch for all the recommendations on this list as each has its unique features, making them a worthy investment. However, if I have to pick a winner for the best dash camera for semi truck, it would be the Rove R2-4K dash cam.

It is popular, and rightfully so. The video quality is excellent, and it has built-in GPS, loop recording, G-sensor, and much more. Its performance makes it the ultimate winner on my list, and I assure you will not regret choosing it.