7 Best Dash Camera Under $100

best dash camera under $100

With the increase in the number of cars in the city, it is not just enough to have a driver’s license as a mark of responsibility. Car collisions happen almost on a daily basis today, and unfortunately, there is no guarantee that a driver in the driver’s seat practice road safety not just for themselves but to keep others safe as well.

In situations like this, a dash camera can prove to be extremely handy, especially if you have fallen victim to a vehicle collision.

In the event of an accident, the footage obtained from a dash camera is very useful in proving who is at fault and while answering questions surrounding the car accident to the insurance agents and police officers.

Some of the dash cams also allow recording videos when the car is idle or when it is parked. This helps capture footage of any attempted theft or any other incident that might occur.

But you do not need to spend a huge amount of money on purchasing dash cams. There are plenty of options available in the market today which cater to different budgets, but choosing one might be overwhelming.

But in this article, you will be able to pick the best dash camera under $100 and understand all factors you need to consider before making a purchase.

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7 Best Dash Cameras under $100

1. Rove R2-4K Dash Cam.

The R2 will meet all your expectations that you are looking for in a dash cam and features a stunning combination of innovative software and hardware. This 4K camera works great in even low light intensity, and you get cleared videos during both day and night time.

The recorded video is displayed on a 2.4-inch LCD monitor and this dash cam features Ultra HD 4K quality videos at 24fps. The quality is beyond impressive and is capable of performing much better than many other expensive dash cams.

The night vision could have been better, but still, it is not at all disappointing, and the images are pretty clear despite the low light intensity. The Novatek NT9660 processors and the OV4869CMOS sensor gets all the credit for that.

The F/1.8 aperture is the largest you will get in this industry, and it can capture even the most minute details in total darkness.

The Rove R2 can record the road at 150 degrees wide view and will capture all the necessary details. It can also combine several images at different brightness levels to create one single superior image for you.

There are a few other recording functions as well like these-

Loop recording that enables high-quality recording even if your SD card is full. Once your memory card reaches the size limit, it will overwrite previous records.

Built-in GPS function to record the location, speed, and driving route.

Built-in G-Sensor, which is activated at the time of sudden collision and records a 3-axis impact to give the precise location of impact.

Time-lapse mode capture certain images per second at a slower rate.

24-hour motion detection function, which senses the impact when someone hits your car. The dash cam records a 1-minute video, locks it, and alerts you when you enter the vehicle.

This dash camera has Wi-Fi functionality where you can view the route you are driving on Google Maps with the help of a free custom app. With this app, you can also access the videos on your smartphone whenever and wherever you like.

The R2 comes with 2 mounts- a suction mount and a 3M spare sticky mount to help you set up the camera at your preferred angle.


  • Record videos and photos at high 4K clarity.
  • Accurate GPS functionality offers coordinates, speed, and direction.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Rove app is compatible with both IOS and Android.
  • Parking mode with voice alert.
  • Great night vision.
  • Time-lapse video and slow-mo video.
  • F/1.8 large aperture and 150 degrees wide view.
  • Multiple recording functions for different scenarios.
  • Includes dual mounts, which are 360 degrees rotatable.


  • MicroSD card is not included, it needs to be purchased separately.
  • 4K fps is a little slow at times.
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2. 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus+ A500S.

This brand is not very popular and started in 2016. But their dash cams offer excellent performance and hence have been gaining popularity over the last few years. Going over the basic specifications, this camera features a Sony IMX335 5MP sensor and offers 140 degrees wide-angle recording.

You can watch the images and videos on a 2-inch LCD display, and the camera supports a wide dynamic range and 3D digital noise reduction technology.

The 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus+ A500S comes with built-in GPS and speed tracking features which lets you see the exact location and speed on the map even weeks after when you don’t even have the footage.

You can letter export this as an image or video. This dash camera allows audio recording as well and offers ADAS support which will notify you while you are driving so that you will be aware if you get too close to the vehicle in front of you, change the speed drastically, or do not maintain your lane on the road.

The camera also allows you app support where you can download and review the footage on your smartphone itself. It also offers 24 hours automatic parking monitoring, where you will be able to view footage if someone does anything to your car while it is parked in public spaces.

There is also the facility for emergency recording, where the G-sensor will immediately notice any sudden impact or rough brakes and capture footage.

The footage quality during the daytime is pretty good, and the camera is able to capture the details nicely. The front camera is brighter and clearer than the rear, but it is clear enough to figure out the details of the vehicle behind you and the number plate. At night, the front camera does a much better job than the rear.

You can get full GPS and speed data, and all the driving sessions are saved on the app. There is also the parking monitoring feature where you will get notifications and will be able to have a look at the parking footage.

The ADAS support will let you know if you are moving too close to the car ahead of you or if you are departing from your lane.


  • 140 degrees wide-angle recording.
  • Great quality sensor.
  • High resolution up to 1944P and flexible resolution options.
  • ADAS Advanced driver assistance systems support.
  • App support for easy access to footage anywhere and at any time.
  • Built-in GPS and driving route.
  • Loop recording and evidence protection.


  • Startup sound cannot be disabled.
  • Volume of sound cannot be adjusted.
  • Proper calibration is required for the ADAS feature to work.
  • Does not include a MicroSD card.
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3. Galphi 2K Dash Cam.

This dash camera records in 2K QHD and is equipped with a GC CMOS and 6G 170-degree wide-angle lens. The camera records 1440p/30fps videos, and the image quality is pretty great and has twice the resolution that you will see in traditional 1080p dash cameras.

The design is quite compact, and there is built-in Wi-Fi and app control. You can use the app to have a look at the front camera recordings and manage the settings on both IOS and Android phones.

The app access also makes it possible for you to download the videos directly on your smartphone and share them on several social media platforms.

The GC CMOS sensor with f/1.8 aperture makes sure that the night vision performs well and is capable of balancing the exposure in total darkness. Hence, the recordings are pretty clear irrespective of weather conditions.

This dashboard camera is also equipped with a G-Sensor that lets you save video evidence in case of collisions. The loop recording function overrides the unprotected files automatically. 

The parking monitoring function supports 24 hours continuous shooting (requires a hardware kit), and this dash cam also offers many voice guidance features. This voice broadcast function lets you know the camera’s current status and if the impact reaches its set G-Sensor level in case of collisions.


  • Easy to install and use.
  • Video lock feature in case of an accident.
  • Night recording is clear enough.
  • Value for money.
  • Built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, and app support.
  • Parking monitoring function that can run for 24 hours.
  • Voice broadcast function.


  • The app cannot run in the background while you operate other apps.
  • Does not include an LCD screen.
  • Downloading videos to your phone via Wi-Fi is very slow at times.
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4. Wolfbox FHD 1296P Dual Dash Cam.

This Wolfbox dual dash cam is a worthy competitor to win the title of the best dashcams under $100 for sure due to its great features at an affordable price range.

It has 170 degrees front and 140 degrees rear lens which offers you an ultra-wide view and minimizes the blind spots to help you drive safely. This dash cam also offers a screen split function where you can observe a dual-lens display simultaneously. 

This dash cam features a 2.5D curved screen, and it records with a high resolution of 1080P FHD.

The front camera alone can record up to 1296p, and a 6-layer glass lens helps to enhance night vision in a low-light environment. Coming to the smart functions, you get a parking monitoring facility, built-in GPS function, G-sensor, adjustable display view angle, loop recording, collision boot recording, and video time-lapse. Y

ou can adjust the rear view image vertically or horizontally, depending on your convenience and the loop recording functionality makes sure that the recording is still going on even if the memory card has reached its full capacity.

The G-sensor detects sudden collisions and locks the collision footage. The parking monitor function behaves as a surveillance camera system when the vehicle is off and gives you all information if anything has happened during the entire time the car has been parked.

And like most of the recommendations mentioned in this list, this one comes with a 32GB SD card to help you get started immediately.


  • Superb night vision.
  • 24 hours parking monitor.
  • G-sensor to sense collision or emergency shock and lock the videos immediately.
  • Loop recording.
  • GPS tracking and capability of playing both front and rear camera footage simultaneously.
  • Includes a 32GB MicroSD card.
  • Time-lapse feature.
  • Speed notification to make sure you stay within a certain speed limit.
  • Outstanding customer service.


  • No app support.
  • No automatic brightness adjustment.
  • User needs to download their GV player to view both front and rear recordings at the same time.
  • Lane departure warning does not always work consistently.
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5. Biuone A20 Dash Camera for Cars.

This 1080p full HD dash cam comes with a USB port, and you will be easily able to charge your phones and other electronic devices. The camera has an f1.8 aperture with WDR technology and gives you clear detail with every footage.

The front camera comes with 170 degrees wide field of vision, and the rear camera comes with 140 degrees wide-angle vision. There is a 32GB SD card, but you can also purchase a 64GB one separately if you need it later on.

The USB cable lets you connect the recorder to your PC and view the footage. This dash camera also offers loop recording and an auto-lock function.

You can adjust the sensitivity of the G-sensor, and the video file will be locked easily when there is any sudden impact in your car, including any collision. The camera also includes a 3-inch IPS screen where you can view your video clearly. 

There are four different display options for the front and rear cameras. The first display mode gives you front and back dash cam images.

In the second mode, half of the front and rear lenses are displayed on the screen. The third display mode offers a view of the front camera only. And the force display mode shows you images from the rear camera only.

It is very easy to securely mount the suction cup to your windshield in a few seconds. The installation and setup process is very straightforward. You also get the parking monitor functionality which lets you know if your car faced any kind of impact while it was parked in any space.


  • Easy to understand and set up.
  • Automatic continuous recording, no need to turn it off and on whenever you’re driving.
  • MicroSD card is included.
  • Locked video mode to save evidence in case of any shock or hit.
  • Suction mount is stable.
  • Decent image and video quality at 1080p.
  • Loop recording, motion detection, and parking monitoring.
  • 4 different display options for front and rear cameras.


  • Power cord could have been longer.
  • Rear camera works only when the car is in reverse.
  • No zoom capability.
  • Audio quality is not that great.
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6. Chortau B-T13 Dual Dash Cam.

The Chortau B-T13 dual dash cam is a budget dash cam and that is the first factor that will seem very attractive to you. At the same time, you are getting a high resolution of 1080p at this price range which sweetens the deal even further.

The design is not quite innovative and has a brushed metal front while the rear is plastic. There is a 3-inch display, which is larger than what most other dash cams offer. It is sleek and offers a 1080p resolution, a parking monitor, IR-enabled night vision, and motion detection.

The Chortau dual dash cam also has a built-in G-sensor, which records footage immediately as soon as it registers any collision. However, with the low price range, you do have to compromise on some features. For example, this dash cam does not offer GPS support or any wireless connectivity.

This Chortau dual dash cam comes with an additional waterproof rear camera, making it easy to install on the exteriors of your car. The instruction manual is not very clear and makes the setup process somewhat tricky.

The video quality is decent during the day and not quite impressive at night. The 170 degrees wide-angle lens covers a lot of area on its periphery and gives you clarity against the number plates of other vehicles.

While the front camera records at 1080p, the rear camera records at 480p, and the video quality is somewhat poor at night. There is a suction cup mount that can be swiveled 360 degrees and you can see error notifications on the display screen.

Overall, it’s a good option if you are looking for a budget dash cam, but it does have a few shortcomings.


  • Available at an extremely affordable price.
  • Front camera offers 1080p resolution.
  • Dual dash cam- comes with dual cameras.
  • The rear camera is waterproof.
  • 170 degrees wide-angle lens.
  • Parking monitor, motion detection, and built-in G-Sensor.


  • Image quality is poor at night.
  • No GPS support or wireless connectivity.
  • The display icons could be a little bigger.
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7. Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2.

The Garmin mini dash cam is definitely a worthy competitor for the best dash camera under $100 title and it comes with a very tiny footprint. It is one of the smallest that comes you will see in the market and records with 720p and 1080p full HD resolution with HDR.

There are not a lot of additional features and it is great if you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use dash camera.

Both resolutions record at 30 frames per second, and even though it would have been amazing to see 60fps, it is just a small drawback. This dash camera also offers a voice control feature and responds immediately to a lot of voice commands.

You can see one button on the side for switching the audio recording on and off, and there is another one at the back to save the video manually. However, in case of any collision, the camera will do this automatically.

This Garmin mini dash cam model is powered with the help of a micro USB cable, which is already included in the package. The performance of the camera is also pretty decent and you can easily control the device with the help of the Garmin Drive smartphone app.

You can transfer the images and videos via the app as well or you can copy it using a micro SD card. 

The quality of videos and images is very good, and it is absolutely perfect for someone who is looking for a compact design with high-quality full HD videos.


  • Extremely compact design.
  • Very easy to set up and use.
  • Video quality is great.
  • Responsive voice control feature.
  • App comes with cloud storage.


  • 60fps is not available.
  • Micro SD card is not included.
  • No GPS functionality.
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What to consider before buying a dash camera?

We all know the state of road accidents today and even though you might be safe and responsible, you cannot guarantee that every other person driving on the streets is the same.

In case you are involved in any kind of accident or road incident, gathering evidence is extremely crucial and can help immensely while dealing with civil cases and insurance claims.

The footage from dash cameras helps to shed light on what actually happened and who is actually to blame. Dash cameras are also very useful in case of thefts and vandalism.

But before buying a dash camera, there are a number of things you have to consider. Some of them are key factors like image and video quality that you absolutely cannot compromise on them.

And others are additional features like GPS and Wi-Fi, that can be helpful in many scenarios.

If you are feeling overwhelmed already, here is a proper guide on the factors that you need to consider before buying a dash camera.

Price of the dash cam.

This is definitely the first and foremost factor you need to consider as the camera you are going to purchase totally depends on your budget.

Typically, you can get the best dash cam according to your requirements for under $100.

Camera quality and resolution.

Your budget is personal, but when it comes to the features of a dash camera, this is perhaps the most important factor.

Choosing a dash cam that can record in 1080p is the best choice as it will give you a clear picture and you will be able to see all the details after any incident.

Some of the high-end models record in 4K resolution as well, but of course, the lens quality is equally important. Basically, the higher the number of pixels, the clearer the picture.

Field of view.

This aspect determines how wide your dash cam can see. When a dash cam has a wider field of view, it allows the user to see a lot more at any moment.

But the manufacturers are not always clear about providing a standard measurement. Hence it’s better if you do your own research beforehand and look at some screenshots of footage from the camera you want to purchase.

Night vision.

Almost 90% of the places you drive in are not completely dark and you might think that night vision technology does not offer any real benefits.

But today, it’s about the wide dynamic range that comes with it, and this technology helps the camera to figure out fine details when it is dark.

Frame rates.

Most 10 games you come across in the market offer a frame rate of 30fps. This is the standard level and works fine for the majority of users.

But in some dash cams, you will find the rate leveled up to 60fps. The video recording happens much smoother in this case, but it also takes up double the storage space.

Wi-Fi connectivity.

This is an additional feature and quite helpful if you want to connect the camera to your smartphone and see what is going on live and even download the clips easily.

Some of the best games also allow uploading the footage to the cloud where it can be streamed directly to a computer or to a phone.

GPS to record location and speed.

This is another additional feature that is not mandatory but can be helpful. The GPS lets you keep track of the speed and location of the car.

You also get the footage and this extra data can help in tracking your car and monitoring the driver’s habits.

Recording modes.

There are some recording modes definitely which you should definitely look out for. Looping can overwrite a full MicroSD card with the new footage. Time-lapse mode is great if you want to replay long journeys.

If your camera allows you to reduce the resolution during a particular recording session, it will help in saving space.

Another useful feature is a motion detector or a sensor, where the camera will detect any impact or sudden collision and begin recording the footage immediately for evidence.

Built-in display.

In some dash cams, you can get access to the footage by connecting to your phone. On the other hand, some have a built-in display.

Larger displays usually make it easier to view the details, but of course, you will not get a smartphone-quality display on your dash camera. Dash cams usually offer LCD displays and a 3-inch size will work just fine.


Is 32GB enough for dash cam?

Yes, a 32GB card can be really helpful for users who use dash cams for driving recording. One 32GB card can store up to 3-4 hours of 1080p recording, and this is more than enough for a majority of the users.

Should I leave my dash cam in the car?

If you have parked your vehicle somewhere, it is recommended to remove your dash cam to prevent anyone from breaking in.

However, if your dash can include parking monitoring functionality, you can keep it in the vehicle, but it is better to place it somewhere which is a little guarded.

Is 1440p better than 1080p dash cam?

Even though the difference is not extremely major, a 1440p dash cam will give much clearer footage as compared to a 1080p dash cam.

The higher the resolution of the dash cam, the better will be the image quality with more vivid details. But of course, a lot depends on the quality of lenses used as well.

How long will a car battery run a dash cam?

Dash cams usually do not use a high amount of current and should last a couple of weeks. However, it is better to use external batteries if you want to keep the dash camera running even if your car is parked.

Or else it can drain the battery to a significant extent. You will find a lot of options for external batteries out there, but most of them are able to charge your dash cam for approximately 50 hours.

Is there a wireless dash cam?

Yes, wireless dash cams are available in the market and these are usually internet-connected and your footage is stored on the cloud.

But even though some of the dash cams claim to be entirely wireless, they do need some sort of wiring to power themselves up. So it is better to consider all the features beforehand to make an informed purchase.

Is it better to hardwire a dash cam?

Yes, hardwiring your dash cam to the car looks much better as there are no extra wires hanging down in front of your eyes. Moreover, your socket will also be free and you can charge your phone or any other electronic device easily.


Mentioned above are some of the best recommendations to help you pick the best dash camera under $100. If I have to pick a winner amongst them, it will be the Rove R2-4K Dash Cam. It allows recording videos in Ultra HD 4K resolution and comes at an affordable price range.

The sensors are great and you get some exciting features like app support, GPS, motion detection sensor, parking monitor, time-lapse mode, loop recording, etc.

It will meet all your expectations for sure while delivering high-quality footage as evidence in case of any road accidents. This dashcam is definitely worthy of claiming the title of the best dashcams under $100.