7 Best Spy Camera With Long Battery Life

best spy camera with long battery life

If you are stuck in a problem where video proof can save your life, you should definitely get a camera that’s not spottable. While a CCTV camera can be a reasonable consideration, but a spy camera with long battery life that can be carried anywhere is a steal deal.

To help you pick the best ones, we have handpicked the best and most challenging to identify spy cameras with long battery life.

7 Best Spy Camera With Long Battery Life


The Divine Eagle Spy Camera is a sleek, efficient, and professional device. It features Advanced Divine eagle Technology, a security camera in a small USB charger that allows for an optimal viewing experience, and a video resolution of 1080P with a 90-degree viewing angle, which can capture crystal clear images that are easy to view.

With 130 ultra-sensitive motion detection sensors, the Divine Eagle Spy Camera can detect and capture any movement within your defined area. This is a guaranteed solution for keeping your camera in the best condition, ensuring that any activity will be captured.

The Divine Eagle Spy Camera is made from solid materials that are sleek yet robust. The entire device features an elegant charger shape, which is stylish and functional. The camera is also weatherproof, so you won’t have to worry about your device being damaged by the elements as it can withstand exposure to rain or snow.

The Divine Eagle Spy Camera is an ingenious 2-in-1 device that serves as a spy camera and USB charger. It can charge devices and record video simultaneously. Other features include 24/7 operation, loop recording, MAC and PC compatibility, etc. These features make it the best spy camera with long battery life.


  • Protect Family And Personal Property
  • Long battery life
  • Advanced Divineeagle Technology
  • Charges Your Portable Devices 
  • Records 1080P Full Hd Video 
  • 90-degree viewing angle


  • No audio recording
  • Image quality is average
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2. GOATFANNO Spy Camera Car Key

The Goatfanno Spy Camera Car Key is a portable spy camera that provides the user with an up-to-the-minute view of their surroundings. The product is a covert spy camera disguised as a car key. To use this product, simply insert the key into your car’s ignition and then position it into your vehicle’s keyhole when you’re ready to record any activity that takes place.

The goatfanno Spy Camera Car Key can be used to secretly tape important meetings, video concerts, and in some cases, even monitor children and pets while they are at home. The device can also be used to protect yourself against crime by tapping criminal activities in progress.

The spy camera car key supports night vision, allowing you to continue monitoring your surroundings at any time, even dark. Motion sensors are built into the camera. As soon as motion is detected, the hidden camera will start recording in full HD 1080P. Thanks to this feature, memory cards can be more efficiently used. 

Within 3 meters, motion detection becomes more sensitive. Activating the motion detection function may be impossible if the distance is too far. Moreover, when recording in long mode, the recording time can reach 70 minutes without interruption. This feature makes this one of the best spy camera with long battery life available on today’s market.


  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Motion Detection and Long Recording
  • Hidden And Powerful camera
  • One year warranty
  • 60° wide-angle viewing


  • None so far 
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3. Buloge Charger Spy Camera

The Buloge Charger Spy Camera is a powerful yet hidden video recorder that can be passed as your normal phone charger and can record up to hours of video. The Buloge Charger Spy camera supports motion detection recording and uses a hidden HD camera to capture high-quality videos.

The camera’s motion detection function ensures you don’t waste space or recording capacity on useless events. At the same time, its compact design makes it the best spy camera with long battery life. The Buloge Charger Spy Camera has an invisible pinhole lens and can be plugged into an AC power outlet or used as a USB car charger when charging your portable device for power.

The Buloge Charger Spy camera can hold your data with a built-in high-capacity card, enough to store up to hours of video. A 32GB high-speed card gives you hours of recording time. When the memory card is complete, the hidden spy camera overwrites previous recordings and keeps recording.

The Buloge Charger Spy Camera has a built-in HD camera with a 60° viewing angle and motion detection function. This device also has a built-in micro SD card slot. Although this device is not waterproof, it’s IP67 certified, so it can be used in the rain and can be submerged underwater for about 30 minutes without worrying about damage.


  • Long battery life 
  • Built-in HD camera  
  • Motion Detection Recording and Loop Recording 
  • Built-in high-capacity card storage 


  • No Night Vision
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4. AREBI Security Camera 4K Wireless Hidden

The AREBI Security Camera 4K Wireless Hidden Spy Camera is one of the most wanted products on the list of best spy camera with long battery life. This product combines the functionality of a security camera, a video camcorder, and a live feed recorder.

 The camera has a 4K ultra high definition video resolution with a 160° broad view for smooth shot recording even in slow motion mode. It also features night vision that lets you capture clear footage in low light conditions, even at night.

A wireless spy camera powered by AREBI’s latest chip and battery technology can last 3 – 10 days in a low-power consumption mode on one charge. The remote On/Off feature on the App can run for up to 100 days if you switch to full sleep mode.

The camera features IR night vision technology for capturing clear footage even in low light conditions. This hidden spy camera has built-in motion sensors that detect movement in your monitored zone, capture snapshots, and send alerts to your phone.

The AREBI camera doesn’t need a professional installation. It automatically connects to your phone or tablet using the built-in Wi-Fi. Set up and start recording in just 3 easy steps: plug in the AREBI Video Cam, download the app, and connect the Wi-Fi on your phone. This hidden Spy Camera can stream HD video directly on your phone or tablet without having to download videos or photos first.


  • Powerful and longest battery life
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android devices
  • 4K Ultra HD live feed with 160° broad view
  • Clear pictures even in low light
  • Remote On/Off for Cam & Indicator
  • Superior IR Night Vision


  • Moving objects get super pixelated and have poor screen tearing
  • The only file format is MKV (Matroska), with a low bitrate encoding
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5. UOOYOO Bluetooth Speaker Spy Camera

Best Spy Camera With Long Battery Life

The UOOYOO Bluetooth Speaker Spy Camera is one of the newest hidden spy cameras available on the market. It looks like an ordinary Bluetooth speaker, but it’s equipped with an HD camera and can be used covertly to record audio and video.

The HD camera can take high-quality pictures or record video in 1080p resolution. This makes it one of the best spy cameras for nannies or babysitters monitoring or recording important events or meetings from your office to attend later. 

You can stream videos directly to your phone via wifi without having to download them first to use them at a later date. This device has night vision and allows you to take photos and record videos in low-light conditions.

The speaker is equipped with motion detection and push notification for added security. When you work, the speaker will start recording when it detects movement or hears something loud.

The remote function makes listening to the audio from your phone or computer’s speakers possible. You can use your phone to play any song from your playlist or control the volume, skip next/previous songs, and answer/end calls on your smartphone.


  • Hidden Camera 4K and 240°Rotation Lens
  • Spy Camera and Bluetooth Speaker in one device
  • Motion Activated and Push Alarm Notifications
  • Wireless connectivity


  • Not compatible with MAC
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6. JLRKENG Spy Hidden Camera Power Bank

Best Spy Camera With Long Battery Life

The JLRKENG Spy Hidden Camera Power Bank looks like an ordinary power bank that can be hidden in your living room, bedroom, office, or anywhere else you want to monitor. This hidden camera has a powerful battery with HD video. It works with a micro SD card that allows you to store up to GB of videos and photos.

This device is also equipped with an adjustable viewing angle for capturing high-resolution photos and videos of the area you want to monitor. The camera’s motion detection function ensures you only get what you need on the video; in other words, it will not record anything unless it senses motion nearby.

The small spy camera will automatically switch to night vision mode when you are in a low-light area. This helps you clear record videos, and you won’t miss the action even when it happens at night.

The 10000MAH battery (longest battery life) supports continuous video recording for 20 hours. The camera can also charge your smartphone and other portable devices. The camera has the same size as a power bank, so no one will be able to distinguish it from others.

The camera doesn’t need any software installation. With the one-key operation, the devices are extremely easy to use. All you have to do is press a button, and the recording will begin.


  • Motion detection mode
  • Spy camera and power bank in one device 
  • Night vision function 
  • 1080p HD recording capability 
  • One-key operation


  • You can’t see anything in a dark room
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7. SIRGAWAIN Hidden Spy Camera Pen 

The SIRGAWAIN Hidden Spy Camera Pen looks like a regular pen, but it’s equipped with a hidden spy camera. The built-in lithium-ion battery provides the device with 70 minutes of continuous video recording (1080P) and taking 1080p pictures.

This device is equipped with motion detection infrared lights that allow you to take crystal clear photos and videos without being detected. You can use your smartphone or computer to watch live streaming of the footage in real time and download them on your phone or PC later.

This hidden spy camera has a 90° angle lens, allowing you to record different details in different locations. This device has USB connectivity with PC, laptop, tablet, Android smartphone, and iPhone.

The video recorder is controlled by a simple click-and-go design so that it can be switched on or off with the press of a thumb. It can be used to jot down important notes during college lectures, protect you during business meetings, and help you stay safe while traveling.


  • 1080p high-definition recording  
  • Built-in voice recorder
  • Motion detection function with night vision 
  • Hidden camera pen design 
  • 70 minutes continuous recording time with a single charge 


  • It only records 3 seconds of video
  • Cheap quality product

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Things to consider while buying a spy camera

This topic can have many people scratching their heads when it comes to getting the best spy camera with long battery life. While it might seem easy, the truth is that many different factors need to be considered to get what you need.

Lighting conditions and night vision:

Light conditions and night vision are vital to capturing clear images. A small spy camera with poor lighting will yield almost no quality images due to the lack of contrast in the photos and subjects of interest.

How does it operate

How do battery-powered hidden cameras operate? Is it capable of being easily hidden, or must it be kept in plain sight? These universal questions need to be considered to determine which product is right for you.

Lens quality and resolution:

The lens quality and resolution should also be considered, along with how much it can zoom in. A low-quality camera will not be able to provide the details needed, while a high-quality camera will allow you to view things with clarity.

Memory and storage space:

Battery powered hidden cameras should have enough memory to store the video and images needed. A high-quality camera will also have enough storage space and extended battery life.

There are different sizes and capacities of memory cards, ranging from 2GB to 64GB, depending on the camera model. Alternatively, you can purchase cameras with built-in memory and store data directly.

Motion detection

Motion detection is also a factor that should be considered when choosing a battery powered spy cam. This will allow you only to record specific events (such as faces and other biometrics) and not the entire image, saving space on your memory card.


Price is always important, but it is not the most vital aspect when determining which battery powered spy cams are the best for your needs because they can differ significantly depending on various factors.

However, there are some great models out there for a reasonable price, so you should take some time to browse through multiple websites and compare prices to find the one that fits your budget.


The best spy camera with long battery life is a great investment, especially regarding security and guardians’ surveillance. They give the worker important information about what’s going on in their child’s life at all times, and many people simply cannot do without these features.

Hidden spy cameras are also suitable for parents concerned about their child’s whereabouts and businesses that may want to monitor their workers or employees. The key to getting the best product is not looking just at price or features but your specific needs and budget. You should learn different aspects, such as lighting conditions and how the product operates, to get a suitable model for your unique needs.

All the above-mentioned battery-powered spy cameras are the best ones on the market. However, choosing one is wholly based on what you are looking for. If you have a limited budget and want more bang for your buck, select the Goatfanno Spy Camera Car Key. This battery powered spy cam has a good feature set while providing enough performance and power.