7 Best Trail Camera Under $50

best trail camera under $50

If you love hunting in the great outdoors and are looking for a new camera to enhance your experience, you might consider picking up a trail camera.

Trail cameras provide some of the highest quality images on earth and allow hunters or anyone else that goes outside for sport or work to watch wildlife for miles around without needing binoculars.

There are many different types of trail cameras out there to choose from, and as a result, it can be pretty confusing when looking for the best one on a budget of 50 dollars.

The best trail camera under $50 can be an excellent investment. It provides a cost-effective and user-friendly solution for security when hunting or scouting, all at an affordable price tag.

This device is so great because it does not limit you in any way; it provides everything needed to get started on getting the perfect shot for your needs in an easy-to-use package.

The following article offers impressive information about the best trail cameras available at an affordable cost below fifty dollars.

Best Trail Camera Under $50

1. Vikeri Trail Camera

The Vikeri 1520P 20MP Trail Camera is one of the best trail cameras available in the market and is rated one of the highest by its users. This impressive device provides 20 MP image resolution and 1520p videos, so you will get highly detailed shots.

With a high-performance flash, it takes a minimum of 0.2 seconds to capture images at night, providing clear visuals and helping to prevent motion blur when taking photos in low light conditions. This also increases camera battery life and doesn’t require extra batteries as you don’t need long exposure times for photographs in low light conditions.

The Vikeri trail camera is ideal for outdoor use because it is completely weatherproof and is made with heavy-duty construction for high-quality images. It is a camera that can be used in rain and heavy snow. This makes it ideal for use by wildlife photography enthusiasts.

The built-in LCD screen on the Vikeri 1520P allows you to view both the night and daytime images at a time. The color display can be viewed through a dry lens to prevent fogging, while an adjustable lens system helps you get your best angle on shots.

It can capture images at an amazing faster 0.2s trigger speed. With the built-in infrared flash, you can get a clear shot even if it is dark outside. The trigger distance is up to 25m(80ft) day/20m(65ft)night.


  • Delivering crisp photo and video
  • 2.4″ Color Huge LCD Screen
  • 0.2s Trigger Time, 3 Continuous Shots
  • Advanced Super Infrared Night Vision
  • Ultra-High Concealment and 180days Standby Time
  • Easy Intuitive Setup and Use


  • User navigation has quite a bit of a learning curve
  • The device drains batteries like crazy
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2. Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera

If you need a trail camera with high-quality images and videos, the Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera is for you. The trail camera has a 14 MP video and still image resolution, which can be stored on an SD card for later use. 

Another impressive feature is its detection range of 65 feet, allowing you to capture your prey in the ideal shot. It also works with a 32GB memory card, and when using this device, there’s no need to connect it to any internet or phone because all the data is saved directly onto the SD card.

The Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera has a powerful infrared flash and the newest detection range technology to ensure that it captures all movement. This is a great surveillance camera for remote areas where you want to capture images no matter how far away they are.

It comes with 21 high-intensity infrared LEDs. This is the most important thing when choosing a trail camera. The infrared LEDs allow the camera to sense movement in low light conditions, providing clear and blur-free images during the daytime.


  • 14 Megapixel Game Camera
  • IR Flash range and Detection Range out to 65 feet
  • 21 high-intensity infrared LEDs 


  • Very sensitive motion detector
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3. WOSODA Trail Camera – Editor’s Choice

The WOSODA trail camera is ideal for various activities, including property and wildlife surveillance. The camera has a 24-megapixel resolution and 1080P video recording. It also has an infrared scope that lets you capture pictures without a flash.

The 0.2s fast trigger speed helps you get the best shot in a brief moment. The accuracy of the trigger speed is 60 meters (at night) and 60 feet (daytime). This is one of the best features that this product has to offer due to its fast capture rate than other standard cameras.

The WOSODA trail camera comes with a 2-inch LCD screen so you can view all of your images from an incredible distance away from your camera. It can automatically record daytime and nighttime shots, allowing a high probability of capturing photos day or night. 

The flash on the WOSODA trail camera is powerful enough to provide clear images in low light conditions. With the 80FT range of the infrared flash, you can take clear photos regardless of how far away your target is.

In addition to the three PIR sensors that increase the sensitivity, the trail cam is equipped with 120° wide detecting range, which helps you get a broad view of your surroundings. The time-lapse shooting function can observe plants or animals in their natural environment.


  • 2.0 Inch Color LCD Screen
  • Easy To Operate
  • 20MP resolution photos and 1080P video recording
  • 0.2s Trigger Speed
  • 120° wide detecting range
  • Time-lapse shooting function
  • Sound recording capabilities
  • 80ft infrared flash


  • Sensitivity is not as good 
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4. Meidase P50 Trail Camera

The Meidase P50 trail camera is designed with a high-speed trigger, high resolution, and high performance. This allows the camera to capture images of animals at close range, which provides valuable information for your study.

The camera has a 32MP sensor and a 1296p video recording with sound. The device is equipped with Smart Night Vision Up to 90ft, allows you to view photos in either low or no light conditions, and still delivers clear images. 

This allows you to capture beautiful shots no matter how dark the area is or if there are clouds in the sky or not. You will have the chance to get clear images no matter where your target is located. This is why, it is on the list of best trail cameras under $50.

With its intuitive menu and playback on a 2.4” Color Screen, you can view all your pictures in real-time and will not need to worry about missing any activities.

With multi-sensors and a dedicated fast-boot algorithm, the system can detect moving objects in less than 0.1 seconds and easily capture them from 90 feet away.

P50 comes with a susceptible and reliable motion sensor and water-resistant design. The IP66 waterproof rating can resist high pressure, humidity, and electrostatic discharge. It is also submersible and can withstand snowfall of more than 30lbs without any damage.


  • Captures Ultra Clear 32mp Still Image
  • Smart Night Vision Up to 90ft
  • Records 1296p HD Video with Sound
  • Ultra-Fast 0.1s Motion Detection
  • IP66 Waterproof and Ready for Any Weather
  • Intuitive Menu and Playback on 2.4” Color Screen


  • The vision is not as straightforward as expected
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5. WOSPORTS Mini Trail Camera 

The WOSPORTS Mini trail camera has a single sensor and can take high-resolution images and videos. The device has a 16MP image sensor with three pre-programmed modes: innovative, motion detection, and sound recording. 

This allows you to capture clear images in any environment, whether during the day or at night. The pre-set modes also allow you to program custom settings explicitly designed for your hunting needs.

The WOSPORTS Mini speed trigger has a fast trigger speed of 0.3 – 0.6 seconds, the fastest setting among all the trail cameras. This means you will have less time waiting for the camera to capture your target and more time to enjoy your hunt.

The camera is placed at a specific spot in a hunting area and will be set to detect potential activity from up to 65 feet away. This helps you get clear pictures no matter how far away your target is. With its long detection range, it is one of the best trail cameras under $50 on the market.

The sound recorder on the WOSPORTS Mini allows you to record audio directly after the picture has been taken and can record sounds such as footsteps, birds, or animals running.

The WOSPORTS Mini trail camera is waterproof and allows you to use it in all kinds of weather. It can withstand heavy rain, snow, and other precipitation.


  • Detection range of up to 65 feet
  • 16 MP and 1080p videos
  • Waterproof camera
  • Trigger time of 0.3s~0.6s
  • Easy to Hide Mini Trail Camera


  • Images lack clarity and details
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6. Generic Trail Camera

The Generic Trail Camera is a good trail camera for the price. This unit can produce high-resolution photographs and videos that are ideal for hunting or watching the wild game. The digital color picture sensor and flash LED offer clear images even in low light conditions.

This unit has a sleek design and is easy to install. These features make it possible to hide this trail camera in any wilderness setting without arousing suspicions from animals or other people. It is one of the best trail cameras under $50.

It captures videos in full HD 1080P and photos with incredible detail, resolution, and clarity. The generic trail camera has a 120° wide-angle detection range, allowing more area in your shots.

Low-Glow PIR technology allows you to take pictures at night without being detected by animals. The fully automatic IR filter and 850nm Infrared low-glow LEDs do not spook the animals, making them more likely to remain where they are for longer.

This trail camera is equipped with a 6-month standby mode when the batteries are fully charged, so you don’t have to worry about power consumption or running out of batteries while in use or while idle. It also comes with an SD card slot, making it easy to record and view your images.


  • Full HD 1080P Video & 20MP Photo
  • 120° Wide Angle
  • Low-Glow PIR Technology
  • Advanced Night Vision


  • No LCD for viewing images or videos
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7. WOSPORTS Trail Camera

The WOSPORTS Trail Camera has a 30MP image sensor and 1920P FHD video. It is equipped with an infrared flash that functions effectively for up to 80 feet in dark pitch conditions. This allows you to capture clear images in low light conditions where no visible light sources are available.

The WOSPORTS Trail Camera has a 120° visible detection range, which is more comprehensive than most cameras on the market. The camera has a 0.2-second trigger speed and can capture moving animals without fail, even at night or in poor light conditions. 

The built-in LCD screen will allow you to view your captures in real-time. It also comes with a small window mic that will enable you to hear what the animals are doing, even in the middle of the forest.

The new motion detection night vision mode with 32 pcs IR LEDs allows the camera to recognize and pinpoint fast-moving objects from up to 90 feet in pitch dark conditions. This helps you capture clear images without the need for high-tech auxiliary equipment.

With a 120° wide-angle lens, the WOSPORTS Trail Camera allows you to capture more area in each shot. This will enable you to capture images even when long-range animals are out of sight. With these features, it is one of the best trail camera under $50


  • 30MP 1920P FHD ultra-high resolution 
  • Built-in 2.0 inches LCD color screen
  • 0.2S trigger speed 
  • 80 feet flash range
  • New motion-activated night vision
  • a 120° wide-angle lens with 80 feet/24m triggering distance


  • Does not have any No-glow night vision
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Things to consider while buying a $50 trail camera

There are several reasons why you should get yourself a trail cam. It is an excellent way to assess the game population in your area.

You will see how big the bucks are getting and where they like to hang out at specific times of the year. You can use the trail cam for hunting or family fun and adventure purposes. Here are some tips on picking up the best trail camera under $50;

Detection range 

The higher the range, the more animals you can capture that are farther away from your camera. If you want to be able to see everything that is happening from a distance, then you will need a camera with a high range.

Image resolution: 

Image resolution refers to the clarity of the photos taken. The higher the image resolution, the better photos you get into your hands afterward. Check if your trail cam has a high resolution before buying it.

Battery life: 

If you want your camera to be helpful during longer trips, look for one that can last longer when it comes to batteries. The best trail cameras under $50 have batteries that last longer than several hours, which is enough time for most trip purposes.

Recovery time: 

The faster the recovery time, the more animals you will be able to capture with a single camera. If you want great pictures of animals in natural movements, then make sure your trail camera has a fast recovery time.

Trigger speed: 

The faster the trigger speed, the more you will be able to get shots due to your trail camera. A good example is if it has a 0.1 – 0.3s trigger speed, you will be better off taking pictures of animals in fewer seconds.

Battery life: 

Get yourself a trail cam with excellent battery life if you want to take as many images as possible.

You should opt for a device with a battery life of at least 8 months when using it for regular use. If you will be using it frequently and taking thousands of photos or videos, then the best option is to go for those cameras with 12-month or longer battery life.

No glow flash: 

A standout feature you should look for in the best trail camera under $50 is an infrared flash, also referred to as a no-glow flash.

This type of flash ensures that you can capture photos or videos of animals without scaring them away as a result of the bright light.

Flash range: 

Trail cameras have various flash ranges. This means that they are effective at covering different distances, and a more extended range will allow you to capture images from further away than the shorter ones. Another benefit of opting for the ones with longer ranges is that they can be used in more situations than short ranges.


Trail cameras have proven to be a great way of saving a lot of your time and money in monitoring game populations. They are easy to use, operate and maintain. In addition, you do not need expensive equipment to get the most out of your trail cameras. 

For $50 or less, you can get a quality camera that will provide you with the most features within your budget. They ensure that no matter when or where you go, you will always know what is happening around the area.

If given proper care and attention, all the above-mentioned trail cameras can survive longer than expected, saving money in the long run by extending their life span and performance.

However, you need to pick one that suits all your needs. Our top pick for the best trail camera under $50 would be the WOSODA trail camera. It is affordable yet functional with many beneficial features, including 20MP resolution photos, 1080P video recording, 80ft infrared flash, 2-inch LCD, etc.