How to Clean Camera Lens: Quick Guide

how to clean a camera lens

You cannot rely just on the features of the camera or the lens to produce a gorgeous and flawless photograph; you must also maintain the cleanliness and overall condition of the lens in order to achieve this result.

That is why we have included some of the most significant points, facts, and information that will guide you through the process of cleaning a camera lens, including how often you should clean a camera lens and what you should avoid doing while cleaning a camera lens, and much more.

Continue reading the sections below to learn more about how to clean the camera lens and to get your queries answered.

How to Clean Camera Lens

You can either clean a camera lens normally and degrade its quality, or follow the recommended camera lens cleaning methods. Camera lenses should have no scratches, that’s why every camera owner carries a microfiber cloth in their camera bag so that he/she can clean it conveniently.

Below are the methods on how to clean the camera lens:

  • Using a blower to clean the camera lens
  • Using a soft bristles brush
  • A lens cleaning liquid
  • Micro Fiber Cloth
  • Lens cleaning spray

cleaning camera lens

You might think that cleaning a camera is as simple as rubbing the lens with a cloth or something, but in this article, you will learn how to clean a camera lens using specific techniques and tools. Some of them are as follows:

Method 1 – Using a blower to clean the camera lens

using a blower to clean the camera lens

  1. You need to get an adjustable blower through which you can adjust the blow of air.
  1. Grab your lens and blow light air to various parts of the lens, including the barrel, lens screen, and a few inner regions like rear lens elements.
  1. With the help of the blower, you will see that the fine particles and dust are removed from the lens.
  1. The blower helps in removing particles and substances which are slightly attached to the surface of the lens.
  1. While cleaning with a blower, make sure you grab the lens from the sides and below the air at forty-five degrees so that the particles do not settle on the lens after getting eliminated from the lens.

Method 2 – Brushing the lens

brushing the lens

  1. Brushing the lens is a prevalent method, and you can get rid of fine particles inside the lens in a few minutes.
  2. Make gentle strokes with a lens cleaning brush which will help in removing minute particles present in the edges and of the lens.
  3. Keep the hands steady and hold the lens from the sides so that the lens does not get your fingerprints.
  4. Maintain the same angle (45 degrees) as mentioned above to keep the lens clean.
  5. While using the brush, make sure you make gentle strokes to the parts like the rear elements and the inner regions.

Method 3 – Lens cleaning fluid

lens cleaning fluid
Cleaning SLR lens; Shutterstock ID 23938195
  1. After performing the above steps, you need to have an alcoholic or non-alcoholic lens cleaning fluid.
  2. Take a lens cleaning tissue and spray the cleaning fluid on it.
  3. After spraying, you need to take the wet cloth and wipe the screen of the lens, the barrel, and various other regions properly.
  4. By using this lens cleaning fluid, you will get stains and fingerprints quickly.
  5. Make sure while using the lens cleaning fluid, you need to spray a small amount of liquid towards the lens cleaning tissue and need to hold the camera from the sides rather than holding the lens in front.

Method 4 – Micro Fiber Cloth

micro fiber cloth

  1. After cleaning the lens with the cleaning fluid, you need to get a fine microfiber cloth of size according to the lens.
  2. With the help of the clean microfibre cloth, wipe the screen as it will help in giving a proper shine to the lens.
  3. While cleaning with the fluid and cloth in the above method, some residue may get left, which can be removed by using a microfiber cloth.
  4. Microfiber cloth is very light and smooth, which attracts the tiny particles and dust present on the surface of the lens, which are not visible to our naked eyes.
  5. As mentioned above, you need to hold the lens body from the outer region, which is the sides, in order to clean the lens and avoid any kind of issues.

Method 5 – Lens cleaning spray

  1. Now, after doing all the above steps, you need to get a lens cleaning spray which will do the end part of cleaning the lens.
  2. Use the lens cleaning spray carefully so that it does not reach into the camera lens elements.
  3. Spray on the outer region s of the lens and keep a lens cleaning tissue to wipe the outer region properly.
  4. This will help in finally giving a shine, proper grip, and satisfaction of holding a clean lens.
  5. The lens cleaning spray may make your hand slippery, so you need to hold the sides of the lens firmly.

How Often Should I Clean My Camera Lens?

When it comes to how to clean a lens, there is a lot of discussion among the photographers as a cleaner lens gives a clearer picture. But it is also necessary to know how often you should clean your camera lens, and the answer is simple, it depends on where you live and how much dirt is accumulated on the surface of the lens.

Just after cleaning the lens, you can see under great observation that few white or brown particles get on the surface of the lens, which is totally fine as it will not affect the image of the object.

But if the dirt or dust is accumulated in a vast amount which is visible clearly while capturing a picture, then it is necessary to clean the lens immediately as it may even create many kinds of technical issues in the lens too.

What should never be used to clean a camera lens?

There are a lot of things that need to be followed while cleaning the lens, but before that, some of the rules are necessary to know to avoid any kind of damage to the surface of the lens or the whole mechanism.

 Some of the points are mentioned below; read them carefully to avoid any kind of trouble while cleaning the lens:

1. Do not apply lens cleaning fluid directly

It is highly recommended that you should never spray any kind of liquid directly on the surface of the lens; instead, you need to stream on a microfiber or a microtissue that can easily clean the lens.

2. Do not blow air at high intensity.

It is recommended not to use a blower with high intensity as it may affect the mechanism of the lens in a very drastic manner.

You can even prefer just wiping and brushing the lens rather than blowing air in various parts of the lens at high intensity.

3. Do not use a dirty microfiber cloth.

It is recommended to use a microfiber cloth for one time or clean it properly after use as it collects various kinds of substances which may get on the surface of the lens when used repetitively.


Can I use alcohol to clean the camera lens?

Yes, you can use alcohol-based cleaning fluid to clean the surface of the lens as it also kills germs and various bacteria.

How do I clean a cloudy camera lens?

The cloudy lens can happen when there is condensation occurring inside the lens; to clean it, you can use silica gels which will absorb the moisture, or you can simply heat the lens accordingly at a very, very low temperature; the process is slow and can take time from 15 mins to one hour.

Can I use glasses wipes on the camera lens?

Yes, you can easily use glasses wipes which will remove the stains and various foreign particles stuck on the surface of the lens.

How can I clean my camera lens without a microfiber cloth?

You can use microfiber tissues or glasses wipes which will work just like microfiber cloth and will eventually remove the dust and dirt particles from the surface of the lens.

Can isopropyl alcohol be used as a lens cleaner?

Yes, you can easily use isopropyl alcohol, but it must be mixed with 30% water in order to make it effective and prevent any kind of damage like corrosion.


You can easily follow the steps mentioned on this page to clean your lens in just a few minutes, and with the information mentioned above, you can take care of the lens in a variety of ways to get amazing photographs in an instant.

The lens plays a significant role in capturing the images of an object, and indeed, lenses need to be taken care of while capturing photographs in any kind of place or situation because of many environmental factors, and using it for a longer duration of time the lens can get dirty. Hence, cleaning the lens is a crucial task while capturing any kind of photograph.